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New Zealand faces increasingly challenging alcohol-related issues

A few facts to think about:

  • 600 to 1,000 New Zealanders die each year from alcohol-related causes
  • 1 in 5 drinkers aged 15 years and over have a potentially hazardous drinking pattern
  • New Zealand Police estimate that a third of all violence and half of all sexual assaults and homicides are related to alcohol
  • Nearly a third of the population thinks that it is OK to get drunk
  • More than 822,000 adult drinkers consume a large amount of alcohol at least monthly
  • Overall social costs $7.85 billion per year

Community Action – Transforming Attitudes Towards Alcohol Coalition (TATA)

TATA provides strategic leadership and collaboration on alcohol-related harm, by acting as an organising and planning group to contribute towards the reduction of alcohol-related harm in the Taranaki region.  NPiS coordinates this coalition.

Delaying the onset of alcohol consumption: a targeted approach with caregivers and whanau of intermediate-age children

  • This project, the first of its type in New Zealand, specifically focused on the caregivers and whanau of intermediate-age children. 
  • The overall objective was to delay the onset of alcohol consumption by young people by educating and promoting key messages to their whanau and caregivers, using co-design strategies. 
  • This project involved public speaking events on the issue with renowned psychologist Nigel Latta, followed by a series of focus groups with caregivers and whanau.
  • The project was successfully implemented with key strategies for promoting the messages identified.  Please refer to the executive summary and project report for further information. 
  • We look forward to continuing on the next phase of this project – contact us and be a part of this community action project
  • Phase 1 project documents:
Sale and Supply of Alchohol (Community Participation) Amendment Bill
  • Click here for a copy of TATA’s submission.

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The Numbers

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overall social costs of alcohol consumption per year

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NZers die each year from alcohol related causes

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