Road Safety Tīaki Hūarahi

We collaborate with Roadsafe Taranaki’s Action Plan Group

A collaborative approach to road safety in Taranaki resulted in New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki Councils joining forces to create Roadsafe Taranaki. With funding support from NZ Transport Agency, a road safety education programme in Taranaki was created through the Roadsafe Taranaki Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan details how the region will address their road safety issues and how the community will be involved in behavioural change efforts. Providing an efficient, safe, and sustainable travel network will only be achieved through community buy-in and the collaborative approach of road safety partners. Any activities, events, promotions or education must fit with the government’s Safer Journeys Strategy. 

The Safer Journeys approach represents a fundamental shift in the way we think about road safety. There are four cornerstones to the delivery of a safe system.

They are:

  • People make mistakes,
  • People are vulnerable,
  • We need to share responsibility, and
  • We need to strengthen all parts of the system.

For more information about Roadsafe Taranaki please contact:

Marion Webby
Road Safety Co-ordinator
Roadsafe Taranaki

Phone: 0800 111 323


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Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter

Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter

Has your organisation signed up to the Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter yet?   Its free to join!  By signing up to the charter, workplaces are making a commitment to showing their support towards zero fatalities and a reduction in crashes on our roads.

What’s in it for you:

  • A tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to a safe and responsible workforce
  • A practical way to meet on road health and safety legislative obligations
  • Improved reputation as an organisation that prioritises road safety
  • Networking opportunities which also showcase best practice for workplace road safety
  • Regular communication and updates from Roadsafe Taranaki related to relevant road safety information for your workforce
  • For more information, click here

NPiS is supporting Roadsafe Taranaki by signing up new local organisations to this charter.  For more information please contact   




Kidsafe Taranaki Car Seat Clinics

NPiS supports Kidsafe Taranaki Trust by assisting with the coordination of these free car seat clinics.   For more information please check out Kidsafe Taranaki Trust’s Facebook page or contact 




Let’s Go Programme – New Plymouth District Council 

Let’s Go is all about getting people in the New Plymouth district to choose walking, riding or taking the bus over using cars for short trips.

It all began in June 2010 when New Plymouth District Council was one of two Councils (the other was Hastings) awarded a combined $7 million over two years to develop walking and cycling initiatives to encourage people out of their cars and onto our shared pathways and streetscapes. The project was branded ‘Let’s Go’.

From a community safety point of view, Let’s Go encompasses both infrastructure changes, such as pathway upgrades and road configuration changes to make cycling and walking safer, as well as attempts at changing people’s safety attitudes and behaviour through things like cyclist skills training at schools and media campaigns.

For more information about the Let’s Go programme, contact the team at New Plymouth District Council

Phone: 06 759 6060


If you are interested in any further information on this page please get in contact with us to discuss.


The Numbers


Casualties on New Plymouth District Roads in 2013

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Average social cost per reported road injury in Taranaki


New Plymouth primary school students who have done cycle skills training

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NP high school students have driven without an appropriate licence

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