Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter

Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter


Has your organisation signed up to the Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter yet?   If not, we would love to get your business on board, alongside the 100+ local organisations that we currently have as charter members.  It’s free to join!

Some benefits of being a charter member include:

  • The Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter (The Charter) was created to provide practical solutions and suggestions to Taranaki businesses on how to improve driver behaviour, with the hope that these safe driving practices will be taken home by employees and shared with others. The Charter is designed to work with companies to help change behaviour, to ask people to look at their own behaviour on the road network and advocate for safer roads for all users.
  • Many organisations have a vehicle policy and some have driver training however The Charter takes this even further.  It is the perfect instrument to implement some great initiatives to keep staff who drive a vehicle on the road as safe as possible. The Charter has been designed with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 in mind. It is an effective tool for small, medium, large or sole trader companies and organisations as it provides logical steps in regards to employee road safety and also demonstrates their commitment to the safety of their workforce when on the road.
  • As a partner in the Workplace Charter there is access to resources, road safety specialists and if we are not the right people to resolve an issue/answer a question we will help find someone that can.  We can advocate for businesses that have issues around the safety of their staff when using the road network (access to sites, potholes, speed or worrying trends they see on the road).
  • We can also come into workplaces and deliver toolbox training sessions with staff.  We are happy to listen to feedback from staff and the issues they see out on the road.  Belonging to the Charter means an opportunity to air grievances about the state of the road, driver behaviour they are concerned about and get some answers around why certain projects have not been completed or implemented.  Having extra eyes and ears in the community can help fix small issues before they become big issues and result in people getting upset or ignoring safety signs/messages.
  • The Charter can support the work you are already delivering in relation to Health & Safety and ensure contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers and trainees also commit to the safety and well-being of workers on your site.

All you need is at least one work vehicle on your fleet.   We work with organisations of any size!    Contact Alisha Stone today at manager@npis.org.nz

Here are some of the latest local organisations to sign up:


Ian Roebuck Crane Hire                             Superior Stainless                                 Fire and Emergency Taranaki