Holiday tips to keep fit and strong this festive season

With the holidays fast approaching, many of the community strength & balance classes will take a well deserved break, please check with the leader before heading back in January as each class has different start dates.

Keeping active over this time is a great way to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing, here are a few tips

-If walking is something you enjoy head out either early or later in the day when the weather is cooler and the sun can help top up your vitamin d without the risk of getting sun burnt

-Keep well hydrated, a cup or bottle of water close by, or in the car can help you make sure you dont get dehydrated

-If you attend a class regularly ask for some homework, or check out the exercise links below, or if you feel confident, practise some of your class exercises. For balance exercises you could look at downloading the Nymbl app from ACC which is free for those in NZ over 50 years old

-Ask a friend, they might like to join you for a walk around the block, or around your garden with a cuppa afterwards

-Challenge yourself to try something new, or visit somewhere new

-Park the car further from your destination and take some steps, or take the stairs instead of the elevator

Happy holidays, we look forward to seeing you at classes in 2024 to improve your strength & balance in a safe, fun and effective way and maybe make a new connection!

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