Community strength and balance update



As we age, the strength we once enjoyed decreases and balance becomes impaired.  We will lose up to 40% of the strength we had in our youth by the time we reach the age of 70. Our balance also decreases, but its not all bad news, with a few regular exercises you can improve your strength & balance.

The body’s balancing network is called the vestibular system , it is controlled by signals sent to your brain from your eyes, inner ear and other senses. If any of theses sense becomes dimmed, it can affect our body’s ability to remain well balanced.



Try standing on one leg for 10 seconds, repeat on the other side…

If you found this easy, repeat but with your eyes closed….

Want more of a challenge? Stand on one leg and move your head from side to side

Challenge, repeat the above on an unsteady surface like a pillow, sand, wobbleboard etc


Practise standing on one leg each day and see if it gets easier!

These activities focus on static balance, we can challenge our dynamic balance by moving and stopping etc, eg take a step to the side and balance with the other leg off the ground. To increase the difficulty try a larger step a leap or try it on sand….

If you would like to practice your balance in a group session, contact us to find a group that might work for you, or for personalised support to improve your overall fitness please contact Green Prescription at Sport Taranaki