Improving Strength and Balance from home

Strength and balance can be improved at home. There are 24 exercises below that have been researched to increase or maintain strength & balance. 

Click on the images below to see an enlarged version which you can also download and print.   Choose 1 page to do each day or select a few exercises to try (there is no need to do them all at once)

  • Start slow, choose a few and build up as you feel able
  • Take 1-2 days off between strength sessions to start with, you can practise balance daily
  • Have a sturdy support handy like a bench, table or stable chair
  • Footwear – make sure you are wearing well-fitted shoes or bare-feet, socks can be slippery and are best avoided
  • Change your environment or invite a friend to avoid boredom, e.g. outdoors vs. indoors, morning vs. evening
  • If you are practising getting off the floor, make sure you are not fatigued and keep your phone close
  • Creating a habit can help you remember, e.g. do it after breakfast each day, or place the exercise sheets on the fridge or a place you see daily
  • Attach movement to another activity e.g. practise balance while the jug boils or while you are on the phone
  • Put your favourite music on