Community Strength and Balance Update

We are working on an exciting new project behind the scenes to share with you soon. We have contracted with a local media company to create a video showcasing Community Strength & Balance classes around the maunga of Taranaki to share whats available, how many different options there are, how friendly and social the groups are and the reasons people attend each week. Stay tuned…

A huge thank you to all the incredible classes we have visited so far, everyone (the leaders and participants) have been very welcoming and supportive of this mahi and we look forward to sharing more in the coming newsletters

This month we highlight our current Yoga offerings with Ruth from Thrive Yoga  0210 239 8297,




Home – Thrive with Ruth

Helping people learn to Thrive through Yoga and Fermented Foods. Yoga for all shapes and sizes, learn new skills to improve your gut health.

Ruth says “Yoga is following your body’s cues, listening to your body’s feedback and exploring your -perfect-individual expression of Yoga.

In my classes we work together, following your body’s messages, listening to your sensations and feelings and going from there, with me as an advisor, a space holder, for your exploration. I offer you suggestions and ideas, you choose what to do with them.

So bring your wonky knee, your sore hips, your tight hamstrings, your stiff shoulders, your belly, your fleshy thighs, your joint pain, your wrist issues…bring ALL of you to the Yoga mat and together we will explore your unique version of Yoga, in constant consultation with your body, your sensations, your feelings, your power”

Class sizes are small in order to meet individual needs. Feel free to get in touch with Ruth with any questions (contact details are above)

The classes take place at the peaceful Waimanu Studio in Frankleigh Park

New classes on offer or coming soon

  • Line Dancing in New Plymouth for beginners
  • Yoga in Bell Block
  • Zumba Gold in Waitara on Fridays
  • Hawera & New Plymouth libraries

Contact Hilary at Sport Taranaki 021480180, or visit to find out more about the 50+ classes available in Taranaki today