Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter

New Plymouth Injury Safe has partnered with Roadsafe Taranaki to support the implementation of the Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter.

NPiS Programme Manager Alisha Stone and Roadsafe Taranaki Contractor Lois Eggers are both looking for local businesses to sign up to the Charter.

The Charter is the perfect opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the safety of their workforce on the road:

  • It is the ideal instrument to implement some great initiatives to keep staff who drive a vehicle on the road as safe as possible
  • The Charter has been designed with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 in mind.
  • It is an effective tool for small, medium, large or sole trader companies and organisations as it provides logical steps in regards to employee road safety and also demonstrates their commitment to the safety of their workforce when on the road.
  • Supports and enhances current vehicle/driving policies already in place
  • It can support the work you are already delivering in relation to Health & Safety and ensure contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers and trainees also commit to the safety and well-being of workers on your site


Alisha and Lois are available to meet with individual businesses and work through a simple self-assessment tool to see where they currently fit and how to progress through each level.  The purpose of this is to provide a guide to what steps you can make towards improving the safety of your workforce while in a vehicle.


For more information on the Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter, please contact:

Alisha Stone manager@npis.org.nz 027 227 6277

Lois Eggers loiseggers@gmail.com 027 301 9494

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