Building Wellness Taranaki Update: Tools to Talk Event and Wellbeing Workshops



In an industry where silence has cost lives, Building Wellness Taranaki is spearheading a powerful movement to address the mental health challenges faced by the construction sector.

At their recent Tools to Talk event, 90 people from the construction community came together for a breakfast session filled with meaningful conversations and invaluable insights.

Acclaimed speakers Matt Brown and Hamish Williams shared their personal experiences, leaving a profound impact on the audience. Attendees praised both speakers, acknowledging how their incredible lives and experiences brought humour and depth to intense subjects. The stories shared resonated deeply, highlighting the pressing need for open conversations, shared struggles, and support within an industry with high suicide rates.

Building Wellness Taranaki remains dedicated to transforming the construction community into one that values mental health and fosters a supportive culture. They offer workshops designed to equip individuals in the construction sector with the essential knowledge, tools, and confidence to initiate conversations, extend support, and connect individuals to professional services.

Their Buddy Workshops provide participants with the necessary skills to navigate important discussions surrounding mental health. By empowering individuals to offer support and connect others to professional resources, these workshops play a vital role in fostering a supportive environment.

Building Wellness Taranaki also offers Leading Wellbeing Workshops, which focus on empowering leaders and managers to cultivate a positive team culture that prioritises mental wellbeing. By fostering an environment that encourages open dialogue and support, these workshops contribute to the overall wellbeing of the entire team.

Everyone working in the construction sector, as well as those in related industries, are invited to register themselves and their teams for these transformative workshops. Through collective effort as a community, a profound impact can be made on the mental health and wellbeing within the construction sector.

To learn more about upcoming workshops and register, visit Building Wellness Taranaki’s website at

Need to talk? Free text or call 1737 anytime to speak to a trained counsellor.

Lifeline free call 0800 543 354, Free text 4357

Suicide Prevention helpline free call 0508 828 865